A concert was held by Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra for 4 times in Hangzhou Grand Theatre on Sept 23 & 24 with 2 plays per day to promote the understanding of symphony among the city residents. As a perfect music illiteracy, I went to the theatre to appreciate the elegant art of music for the first time, accompanied, or more appropriate, accompanying, my wife’s father who enjoys a high level of art cultivation on a broad range of branches among which the Beijing Opera and music are his favourites. Listening to the computer is quite different from appreciating musical entertainment in theater, especially a newly built one by the scientific design with a budget of more than hundred millions. The impact lingering in my mind for a long time aroused my interest in the primary exploration on music, especially the western classics music, from the evolution history where hundreds of musicians lived and shown their talent to the composition of an orchestra with the various instruments, and to the basic music knowledge of stave. Without any intention to be even an inferior music appreciator I know clearly that the temporary impulse can not last too long, but it does narrow the distance between a music illiteracy and the beauty of the art as an untouchable dream long before and drive the fear of music out of my heart. (Sept.29, 2010)